I bring home the bacon by working as a recruiter; I hire people. I started out in the Silicon Valley working for a defense contractor that provided communications hardware and software to all the branches of the U.S. Military. It was at this company, while [finger-quotes] working [/finger-quotes], where I first set out to create MelloMoose.com. This was 1997, and the plan was to establish myself as an artist and make the website my full-time jorb by the turn of the millennium. It’s 2015 and my W-2 still says “recruiter” and not “world-famous artist, author, and media mogul”, but I’m working on it.

Every now and then, coworkers will find out that I like to draw and ask me to help with a project; Monarch Dave is such a project. I’m with Driscoll’s right now, and the comic above was created for the special team–Project Monarch–charged with implementing the company’s new ERP system. It’s been fun to have a gig with a real deadline to keep me on task.

The only downside with these types of gigs is that they’re usually done as favors, AKA free. However, the lovely ladies leading this charge did get me a gift certificate to my LHBS–thanks!

Obviously, this is a blatant Dilbert rip-off, with a hairstyle heavily influenced by my appreciation for (obsession with) Dread Zeppelin.

Monarch Dave

This comic was sketched out on scratch paper and then scanned, arranged, cleaned-up, inked (with FRENDEN brushes), colored, and lettered in Manga Studio 5 EX.

Man, I was rusty, but thanks to all the artists, Doug Hills (@DNHills) in particular, for sharing their Manga Studio knowledge online.

Halloween Choice

A quick Halloween-themed illustration for the monthly Project Monarch newsletter.

I’ll put up the second one–it’s for-reals already done–this weekend.

– Jeff

For your holiday listening pleasure…