This was the second strip we came up with for Monarch Dave. I feel like I was starting to get the models pretty consistent and I like this background better than the first. Clint, the caterpillar, still needs…something, but I’m not sure what it is about him that bothers me. Also, as it suits me, he’ll be able to change back and forth from caterpillar to butterfly, and I will never explain how he does this.

Tammy was meant to be a love interest for Dave and maybe a point of contention between him and his office rival, Lyle.


The PC Police shut us down though, so this was never published. An office romance, not to mention a romantic love triangle, is just too racy for Corporate America. I’m hopeful we’ll find a way to retool the story and use the art, but bummed because we had a storyline that would have been fun, I think.

Here it is with my original dialogue (and shitty word balloons). I like Clint being a little more condescending and Dave having poor retort skills.

placeholder text

My placeholder text

Anyway, as before, this was done in Manga Studio 5 EX with FRENDEN brushes, heavily relying on Lando Calbrusshian.


Another newsletter illustration. The sign said FU—-er, Thank you.