Basically still a test comic, but at least it has some drawing in it, right?  I have a few story ideas, but initially, I think the comic will be me working my way to a sustainable process.

So what’s not done?  It’s still very sketchy–not properly inked.  It will be in color soon, I hope.  There are supposed to be gutters on either side, so I guess I didn’t measure correctly when I put it together in Photoshop.  Also, I think I’m going to try something different with balloons for the disembodied “Voice”–I want it to feel other-worldly, but not look ghostly or mechanical.

I bought Manga Studio EX 4 and I’ve been practicing with my Wacom tablet (since no one’s sent in a Cintiq yet).  I’m trying to put together a hybrid traditional/digital illustration workflow that will allow me to make regular posts with my limited time (until I become one of the many stinking rich webcomic producers and can quit my day job).

Anyway, back soon, I hope.

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