So I had a new idea for a webcomic. It’s my annual idea, the one where I post a shitty meta-comic about it, attach a shitty, half-assed concept sketch, and then go totally silent for the next 12 months before introducing another stupid, shitty idea the following year. You know the one.

Anyway, I was designing characters, and thought I’d model my tough lady-cop after Felicia Day. That way, they’ll know who to cast when they turn the comic into a movie. Here’s an iPad Doodle of the style I’m playing around with.

iPad Doodle: Detective Daisy Armstrong

Detective Daisy Armstrong (based on Felicia Day)

This is a different style for me. It’s inspired by Cameron Stewart‘s Sin Titulo webcomic. I’m hoping to keep the style simple enough that I have time to draw it and keep it consistent.

And for the sad few who are unfamiliar, here’s what Ms. Day really looks like:

Felicia Day (photo by Ron Jaffe)

Felicia Day (photo by Ron Jaffe)