As I was posting “Woman with Big Gun from, er… Space or Something“, I realized I’d gone a little crazy in the, er… boobular area. Then I thought at least I hadn’t gone the full Liefeld. Then after that thought, I had another thought, and that other thought was that I should. I should go the full Liefeld. And this is what happened:


The Full Liefeld!

Liefeldisms, starting at the top and working down:

  1. Very complicated hair
  2. Lots of accent lines on the face for shading and, um… reasons
  3. Unnecessary shoulder pads
  4. Ridiculously huge boobs
  5. Inconvenient cleavage
  6. Ridiculously tiny waist
  7. Pouches
  8. Gauntlets
  9. Visible panties
  10. Giant gun with useless extra barrel (and the upper body strength to wield it)
  11. No visible feet anywhere

To be fair, I didn’t have the patience to do truly complicated 90s comic book heroine hair on my iPad. And it wasn’t just Liefeld who made with the crazy hair back in the day; I remember it being an Image standard. I hope inkers got time and a half for hair and pouch finishes.

She’s very lacking in cross-hatching on the face and the rest of her body and accessories. This drawing took a lot longer than I intended, so I cut some corners. Maybe when I get better with iPad doodles or [hint] somehow I get a Cintiq [/hint], I’ll try again.

I believe I nailed it with the boobs; they are ridiculous. And the cleavage is inconvenient because… it just is. If she’s a warrior and going to be shooting and fighting and stuff, I think she’d want to strap those things down, wouldn’t she? Plus, I’m not sure what that cannon she’s holding shoots, but if a spent cartridge went down the front of her shirt, I imagine the inconvenience would be considerable.

I’ve never been good at guessing a girl’s measurements, but if you pushed me with this one, I’d say 72″-11″-22″. The pouches must work as some sort of back brace and I think they’re full of Excedrin.

Big heavy metal gauntlets are a must for the fashion-concious, space-faring, warrior-woman. Plus, these are shiny, so she can totally use them to check her hair and makeup.

Wow, that was pretty sexist. But look again at what I drew. Did you really expect more?

Panties: she’s a commando, but that doesn’t mean she has to go commando. It’s just good hygiene.

I actually like how the gun came out, but I think if you look at it from the front, the barrel is a little bent.

For an upcoming doodle, I think I’m going to draw a bunch of feet and nothing else. Maybe I’ll give them Oobi eyes and do a whole comic about them. Ha ha, like I’d ever do a comic. Wait… What?