What makes her from space?

Woman with Big Gun from, er… Space or Something

This is another drawing I did on the iPad in Procreate. I started with the cheap-o stylus and then finished with my Pogo Connect when it arrived.

Still getting used to the Pogo. Out of the box, it didn’t work at all. I felt like I was pushing it through the iPad’s screen and barely getting a faint line on the canvas. I took to the internets and learned you gotta tweak the brushes in Procreate. I also scribbled around in SketchBook Pro, and the pen seemed to work with no tweaking necessary, but I didn’t really draw anything — I’ll have to do a Pepsi challenge against Procreate.

The next drawing I do will be more of a true test. The inks for this one were pretty much done when I got the Pogo, so I only used it to color and shadow/highlight.

I cheated on the woman’s face by using a reference photo.