I’m trying out the Google AdSense on the test server. I’ve put a banner at the top of the page which is ‘sposed to present ads to my tens of visitors that are relevant to the content of my site. Loyal followers are then ‘sposed to click the ads (that’s not a solicitation, the Google, just a work-flow), and then I earn several cents per month, augmenting all the cash flowing in for all the artwork I’m doing.

Since it’s a test server, there’s not a lot of content (yeah, big difference compared to the live site, huh?), and I think the Google has latched on to the only term it finds relevant, “moose”. The Google seems to think that anyone looking for the term “moose” wants to find pictures of the animal or kill it.

Most of my ads are for trucks (which I support) and deer-related murder accessories (I don’t really have an issue with hunting–it’s just not something I want to do until the Zombie Apocalypse forces us survivors to live in the woods and fend for ourselves).

One in particular caught my eye: deer bait. I guess so you can sit in a comfy chair and shoot the deer when it follows the sweet, sweet smell of processed food pellets into your “kill zone” without spilling your beer.

I’m not sure these ads are going to encourage my audience to click them. My wife, who’s a tree-hugging, liberal hippie. is appalled! APPALLED! (She went, “eww,” when I told her).

I’ve been collecting information on Search Engine Optimization, so maybe my research will help me pull better ads from the Google, like wiener medicine.