So check it out…  After hours and hours and hours of screwing around hard work, I think I finally got my code whipped back into line — things seem to be where they’re ‘sposed to be again.  Plus, I trimmed a lot of the fat from the pages and my CSS stylesheet (my old code was unnecessarily complicated).  Yes, I wanted to get more done, but I’m happy with the breakthroughs I had.

I’m also working on a slightly different look for the WordPress page, using a slightly different ComicPress theme.  I’m doing this offline (I set up a local server which, surprise, took me forever to get running), so’s to leave a mostly functional blog for my tens of visitors (yes, I count myself).

Here’s what still needs to be done on the offline stuff:
•    Fix the menu on the blog header so it looks like the other MelloMoose pages without jacking up the PHP stuff – tough, because I don’t know much about PHP stuff
•    Make the blog the home page for the site
•    Set up and snazzify the new MelloMooseMessage Board
•    If there’s time, maybe upload some art…  Maybe

For the 1st bullet, the reason I don’t just use the code from the existing header is because I jacked up all of the PHP stuff.  The second bullet should be easy, but it won’t be.  Nothing I do is ever easy.  I have a feeling that none of the links are going to map right once I move it from the test server to the live server – cross your fingers for me (even though it won’t help).  I’m also worried that I will lose all of these well-thought-out blog posts, replaced by not-so-well-thought-out test posts.  For bullet three…  I don’t know why I need a forum, but I can have one, so there you go.  Bullet the fourth…  This is my shame (and about the only consistent thing on the site).

That’s where I’m at.  It ain’t great, but in addition to the pride I’m feeling for some of my recent code successes, I’m feeling good about doing stuff on the site on a regular basis.  Now if I could only get my lazy ass to the gym…