Not sure why, but the site was was taking longer and longer to load.  I turned on a feature to show me how much data was being downloaded when the site opened and saw numbers over 40mb.  I looked at some other sites and they were pulling down 4 or 5mb.  I didn’t think I had that much more on display, so I got a little worried something was wrong and threw MelloMoose into maintenance mode.

I’m running a fair number of plugins, so I thought that might be part of the problem.  Turning them all off trimmed about 10mb, so I’m still running bloated.

Anyway, I’m turning the site back on, minus a few plugins.  You may notice a couple glitches in the theme — I lost some formatting when I updated ComicPress and WordPress.

I’ll be posting two galleries tonight; one’s a miscellaneous gallery of finished art and the other is/will be an aggregate of all the “Doodles”.

The comic is…  I’m not real sure what I want to do with it.  I want to do something, but I haven’t been able to come up with a theme that’s new and/or original.  Without focus, I could see myself slipping into a shitty rip-off of Hijinks Ensue (which you should read — in fact, I have a pretty good list going of some entertaining webcomics on the left, so read them all).

Hopefully you’ll see an update that fixes the glitches.  Obviously I can’t leave the theme alone, so changes coming soon.  And art and stuff.