…Is a Bad Day for New Posts.

Yeah, I did okay for those three in-a-row in March, in as much as I made posts. Really, the only one of any substance was on the 23rd (and by substance, I mean, comparatively, it had a lot of words). But I’m starting to think that Mondays might be the worst possible day for me to try and make a post. As a day, it’s got a lot going against it in my book: 1st day of the work week — yuck, have to get up early again after sort of getting to sleep in for two days — sucks, everyone I know is usually pretty cranky, etc.

Tuesdays aren’t much better. I suppose Wednesday would work alright if Lost wasn’t on, so maybe I’ll shoot for Wednesdays after the season finale. It’s the hump day, so you can start to see the weekend just over the horizon which would likely help my mood. Thursday could also work, though I think they gave Arthur Dent some troubles. Fridays I’m too distracted and Saturdays I have the hangover to deal with. Sundays are tough because you’ve got old, ugly Monday looming just a few hours away… I guess it’ll be Wednesdays… when Lost is done. Then Wednesdays will definitely be the days I talk about not posting on.

Happy 4/20!