So, rather than update the site with artwork to showcase my talents–you know, the reason the site exists–the MelloMoose admins, for lack of anything better to do, have moved the blog to WordPress.

Now it’s all cool and ultra-modern with things like php and xml and sql…  There’re some other letters too, but you get the idea.

Oh yeah, and also, recently, we moved to BlueHost for our site-hosting services.  At the other place, we were paying $35 a month.  Now we pay $7, and we’re getting a bunch of new features and way more space to…um, not use.  But we have it, and that’s the important part.

Anyway, some things are in the works.  I’m scripting a new comic to be featured on this part of the site.  My hope is that it’ll run weekly, but I’m betting that’s being a little too ambitious (it is me we’re talking about), so it’ll likely be bi-weekly with an occasional surprise early posting and fairly consistent late postings.

Coola-Boy shirts are now available at the CafePress store.  You could play horseshoes golf without one, but would you really want to?


– Jeff