Ouch, so I guess I’m still “aspiring”. Here’s what happened: I submitted a story to a magazine and they told me to eff-off. Apparently I went for the low-hanging fruit and failed to differentiate myself from all the other low-hanging-fruit-grabber-atters.

Rejection effin’ stings! Plus they elaborated that I “just didn’t do anything original with the subgenre”.

Oh yeah? How about I punch you in your stupid subgenre face!?!

Rejection also apparently makes me defensive.

Truth be told, in hindsight, the story I submitted probably wasn’t that good. Also, I have to admit, I don’t really have a lot of respect for the format and only submitted my story because I thought I’d been clever. It was a 100-word story, horror in nature, and, though not my intention, of the subgenre, cannibalism. I guess I can see that, or at least, how somebody else could. From my perspective, I wrote and submitted a zombie story, which in my mind is not the same as cannibalism.

Continuing to be honest, I can’t even defend against them calling me out on my lack of originality. I’d stolen the idea for the scene from myself – a different tale I was outlining – and repurposed it, with some, let’s call it “inspiration” from a recent episode of Supernatural – my take on zombies in this story being that they lose their humanity as they give in to their hunger. And really, zombies?

Anyway, it was not well-received. In fact, the magazine states that it’s their goal to give feedback within four weeks. They let me know in just over twenty-four hours. Um, guys, you could have waited at least a couple of days to give the illusion that it took longer than five minutes to refuse and reject me.

What did I learn? Clever crap is still just crap. You have to respect and appreciate the format, because if you don’t, you get what I got and come across as a smug a-hole who thinks himself clever. Defensiveness is not a good reaction to constructive criticism. I guess a zombie that’s not quite a zombie yet, is a cannibal. Lots of people are sick and write about cannibals. A quick response can totally suck ass.