…or what?

[Sigh] I know, the jokes about not posting are really old. Lack of content is very, very sad. The empty promises have ceased to be anything more than random, indecipherable sounds that you… er, read. I don’t know what to tell you. I have these great moments of inspiration and drive and I really want to do amazing things — well, things anyway — with the site, but then I lose it. I think I need Cialis or Levitra, but for my motivation.

I do have an upcoming project. There’s a really cool Dread Zeppelin show that this guy hosts every now and then. It’s a benefit this time around, and I’m going to be doing a painting for auction. I’ll post up a pic or two when it’s done. I haven’t painted for reals since high school art class, so it may be a huge mess, but I’m excited to be trying. I’ve gotta get a sketch done ASAP, so I’ll post it as well.

I also had an idea about an ant. It’s a writing project which means, if it follows in the steps of all my previous writing projects, I’ll draft the first three or four pages, scrape together another two or three pages of notes, maybe start an outline, then shelve the whole thing and let it gather cyber-dust. I did start it, but I think I need to do a little research about ants before I get too far. I don’t want all of the ant-expert, scientifical folks that frequent my site to pick me apart because my facts are off.

I got the idea when ants kept finding their way onto my kitchen counter and I eventually put some of those traps out where they take the “food” back to their colony and, unbeknownst to them, poison everyone. How do the other ants feel about that guy who shows up yelling, “Check out what I just scored”?