I missed a Monday. And I was doing so good. Three in a row — that’s probably a record (or a tie at least) for most posts in one month. Well, just so you’ll know, the blame falls squarely on the cute little shoulders of my nearly two-year old daughter, Chloe.

Chloe goes to daycare and is exposed to a wide variety of diseases and ailments, some of which she brings home and shares with me. I would guess I catch some sort of bug about every six to eight weeks. This time it was a fun little 24-hour flu-dealio that made me all achy, feverish and, sorry to be gross; opened the spigots at both ends.

Had I tried to post it would have been utter nonsense and not worth anyone’s time… er, yeah.

Anyway, I was sick, so no post. I’ll start again on this coming Monday and see how long I can keep the trend going.

Goals for the week are Zombie-Neil, of which I tweeted a few weeks ago and Blue Line Pro is having a contest. It’s very ambitious for me, so we’ll see. Maybe I’ll have more to say about it on…