(But They’re For an iPad)

I’m not a Twitterer, not really.  I try to be sometimes, but I really don’t have a lot to say or what I might say probably shouldn’t be said (at least not in a format where it’s documented and timestamped).  I do follow a few people though; Damon Lindelof & Carlton Cuse (LOST), Tortelvis & Dread Zeppelin (Dread Zeppelin), and Neil.

Anyway, I have, I think, tweeted twice in the last couple of weeks, and both pearls were actually advertisements for stuff that either let me get things for free or might let me win an iPad.  I (and by “I”, I mean me personally and not [legal disclaimer] MelloMooseMedia) use the products for which I’m tweeting — I like the MacHeist & MacUpdate bundles — so I don’t feel like I’m being a complete douche shilling for crap that I don’t even care about.  The latest tweet, for Ambrosia Software — I use WireTap Studio and the EasyEnvelope widget — is also for stuff I think people might get some good use from if they were to check’em out.

What was the point of this post?  Um, filler?  I think I just wanted the world to know that I spam because I care… and want free stuff.  But I won’t hawk junk*.

*Actually, I may hawk junk if the incentive is good or you pay me a lot.