I got a pleasant surprise yesterday when I did a search in Google Images for “Moose Craps.” Turns out I hold the number one spot out of over 44,000 results for images related to the phrase.

Moose Craps is a game that my friend Jimi taught me how to play.

the Official MelloMoose Moose Craps Game Board

figure 1

Well, actually, he taught me how to play Racing Horses, but then I “put [my] moose shit all over it.” Anyway, whatever you call it (please call it Moose Craps), it’s a fun, family-friendly (as long as your family likes to gamble) game that’s easy to learn.

Here are the rules. I ‘spose you don’t need to buy an Official MelloMoose Moose Craps Game Poster — you can make your own with some poster board, a ruler and a Sharpie (or go ahead and print the attached image) — but, I mean, just look at the majesty of the OMMMCGP. And just think how much more fulfilling your gameplay will be with one lovingly framed and laid out on your coffee table (don’t forget the MelloMoose coffee cup betting pot for maximum majesty).