Support?  Like technical support?  Moral support?  A support group?  Those concrete things that hold up the deck?

Nope, none of those.

This is where you can go if you want to show your support for MelloMoose with a donation.

Unfortunately, this isn’t my day job, and it’ll be a while, if ever, before I can earn a living with the site, but I do hope to be able to offset some of the expenses of running it, plus art supplies and what-not, with work generated by it and maybe with help from people, entertained enough, to want to see MelloMoose comics continue.

At some point, the “support” button will either go directly to a PayPal page or there will be a link from this page to PayPal.  Though before that happens, I need to get a lot more donation-worthy content posted.

For now, please “like” anything you, um, like, and/or tweet about it to your friends.  Also, you can show your support by being a walking billboard for me when you buy something from the CafePress store, MelloMooseMerchandise.