Jeff DeClue

Sadly, that’s not a real mustache.

My Name is Jeff DeClue. I’m an aspiring artist, cartoonist and writer. And this site,, is my online portfolio of sorts.

I blog here, though I’m still trying to find my voice. I’ve got a couple of galleries of artwork for you to check out. I display my “Doodles” here — sketches and scribbles that seep from my brain and leak out through my hand. I’m trying to find a webcomic in my melon for us. A book too.

I’m responsible for this logo. I’ve done artwork for Dread Zeppelin, and Tortelvis’s and Butt-Boy’s side project, Groovy Lemon Pie. I designed a monster for an independent horror film.

I’m trying to get a FAQ going and I need some questions, so if you could help out with that… Yeah, I know, a compelling reason to ask questions would he nice.

You can email me or leave a voicemail at my Google Voice number and free stuff can be sent to my P.O. Box [cough]Wacom Cintiq[/cough] — info for all here.

I hope you enjoy the site. And hey, I am available for projects — hit me up if you like my stuff.


– Jeff